The Route

Week 1
June 25-June 30

Day 1 June 25th
Beginning: Key West, FL
End: Marathon, FL
Mileage: 47.8

Day 2 June 26th
End: Key Largo, FL
Mileage: 50 flat

Day 3 June 27th
End: Coral Gables, FL
Mileage: 53.9

Day 4 June 28th
End: Boca Raton, FL
Mileage: 56.8

Day 5 June 29th
End: Stuart, FL
Mileage: 68.7

Day 6 June 30th
End: Sebastian, FL
Mileage: 46

Day 7 July 1st
End: Titusville, FL
Mileage: 61.2

Week 2
July 2-July 8

Day 8 July 2nd
End: Daytona Beach, FL
Mileage: 49.5

Day 9 July 3rd
End: St. Augustine, FL
Mileage: 54.3

Day 10 July 4th
End: Jacksonville, FL (Wounded Warrior Project Head Quarters)
Mileage: 44

Day 11 July 5th
End: Fernandina Beach, FL (Amelia Island)
Mileage: 42.1

End of the ‘Sore Tour de Florida’

Day 12 July 6th
End: St. Simon Island, GA
Mileage: 72.9

Day 13 July 7th
End: Savannah, GA
Mileage: 48.5

Day 14 July 8th
End: Savannah, GA
Mileage: 88.6

Week 3
July 9-July 15

Day 15 July 9th
Kickin’ it in Savannah, GA!

Day 16 July 10th
End: Beaufort, SC
Mileage: 47.5

Day 17 July 11th
End: Charleston, SC
Mileage: 71.7

Day 18 July 12th
Kickin’ It in Charleston, SC

Day 19 July 13th
End: Georgetown, SC
Mileage: 72.7

Day 20 July 14th
End: North Myrtle Beach, SC
Mileage: 53.3

Day 21 July 15th
End: Wilmington, NC
Mileage: 80.2

Week 4
July 16-July 22

Day 22 July 16th
End: Jacksonville, NC
Mileage: 57.4

Day 23 July 17th
End: Aurora, NC
Mileage: 63.2

Day 24 July 18th
End: Plymouth, NC
Mileage: 48.2

Day 25 July 19th
End: Gatesville, NC
Mileage: 59.3

Day 26 July 20th
End: Norfolk, VA
Mileage: 54.2
Need to find checkpoints

Day 27 July 21th
End: Williamsburg, VA
Mileage: 45.7

Day 28 July 22nd
End: Richmond, VA
Mileage: 55.2

Week 5
July 23-July 29

Day 29 July 23rd
Kickin’ It in Richmond, VA.

Day 30 July 24th
End: Fredericksburg, VA
Mileage: 58.2

Day 31 July 25th
End: Woodbridge, VA
Mileage: 46.2
(need to further review)

Day 32 July 26th
End: Washington D.C.
Mileage: 27.4

Day 33 July 27th
Kickin’ It in Washington D.C.

Day 34 July 28th
End: Baltimore, MD
Mileage: 47.5

Day 35 July 29th
End: Newark, DE
Mileage: 69.6

Week 6
July 30-August 5

Day 36 July 30th
End: Philadelphia, PA
Mileage: 43

Day 37 July 31st
Kickin’ It in Philadelphia, PA!

Day 38 August 1st
End: East Brunswick, NJ
Mileage: 61.3

Day 39 August 2nd
End: Manhattan, NY
Mileage: 49.9

Day 40 August 3rd
Kickin’ It in Manhattan, NY!

Day 41 August 4th
Kickin’ It in Manhattan, NY!

Day 42 August 5th
End: West Point, NY
Mileage: 50.9

Week 7
August 6-August 12

Day 43 August 6th
End: Lake Katrine, NY
Mileage: 47.5

Day 44 August 7th
End: Albany, NY
Mileage: 52.4

Day 45 August 8th
End: Utica, NY
Mileage: 96.2

Day 46 August 9th
End: Syracuse, NY
Mileage: 56.6

Day 47 August 10th
End: Newark, NY
Mileage: 57.1

Day 48 August 11th
End: Brockport, NY
Mileage: 53.8

Day 49 August 12th
End: Niagara Falls
Mileage: 62.2

August 13

Day 50
Kickin’ It in Niagara Falls!

27 thoughts on “The Route

  1. It was great meeting you last night at the Hobe Sound VFW. What an adventure for such a great cause. Thank you so much. You are in our prayers.

  2. Mike and Nate! Was awesome meeting you both, and having lunch at Jensen Beach! Stay cool, ride safe, and God bless both of you gentlemen. I hope the GoPro housing works out 🙂

  3. Thank you both for bringing awareness to a just cause. As a disabled Vietnam war vet I feel honored to know that there are people like you who care. I have a mission similar to yours that will begin soon and raising awareness for those that serve and their families as there is never enough. THANK YOU for blazing the trail!

  4. Saw you in Palm Coast! You are motivating and worthy to be honored. The platform you have created is giving God the glory. I pray for safety and protection on your trip.

  5. You were at our house in Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island for only 17 hours or so, but you and your fantastic mission will be in our hearts for a long, long time! Thanks for sharing with us! Sofie’s comment as I left her at camp this morning….”I already miss my Nate and Mike!” She may be a bit of a drama queen but we share her sentiment. Good thoughts and prayers! Godspeed! Cally and Brad

  6. Glad you were able to stop by the Trek Bike Store of Mount Pleasant! I really enjoyed your positive energy and hearing about the mission at hand. God bless and have a safe journey! – Peter

  7. Meet you guys at Earl’s Hideaway in Sebastian, FL at the beginning of your trip and so glad to see the progress in you guys’ journey! Keep up the great work and stay vertical 🙂
    ~Wild Dogs

  8. Mike and Nate, It was a pleasure and honor meeting you while waiting for the Elizabeth River Ferry at Waterside in Norfolk, VA. What you are doing this for a very worthy cause. Safe journey and God’s speed and blessings.

  9. Hey Mike!
    My friend Anjali and I met you at VMFA on July 23rd. You told us the fun part of killing and eating a lobster. It was mind-opening. I have a picture, if you want it!
    Loads of Good Vibes,

  10. Mike and Nate, I saw an article on you in my “old” hometown of Ahoskie, NC. I live up in Utica, NY and see you are scheduled to be here August 8th. We have a large group of people who would like to meet you, have you all join us for a “Tour de Taco” dinner, and we can arrange a place for you to stay. Julie Rees is trying to get in touch with you, but if unable; just send me an email.
    By the way, I contacted the Herald Newspaper back in Ahoskie. They’d like some follow-up pics to see how y’all are doing. Good Luck!

    • Thank you so much for your zeal of cycling and willingness to help out other bikers! Without you guys we wouldn’t be on schedule.

      Tell the rest of the staff ‘thank you’ from us.

    • Missie it was an honor meeting you and your husband. You have such a wonderful heart and an awesome mechanic staff. You really have made a difference in our lives with your kindness and I know your store will continue in success because of all of your hard work.

  11. Thanks for a reason for me to slip out of work for a short bit yesterday. Great to see you come across the Hudson to NYC! Enjoy your stay and God Bless our Wounded Warriors!

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