About the Ride

Mike & Nate Newsletter

Our newsletter is available for downloading and printing, it has all the information about the trip and our back stories. It also includes how to advertise on our biking billboard suits! So, please print it out and pass it around at the office, pass it to your boss and pass it around out at school. Once you’ve seen it please ask your friends and families to donate. We can’t do this without your support.

Why a bike trip and not a fashion show?

Our bike trip’s main mission is to raise funds for the Wounded Warriors Project. Secondly, it is to see the Atlantic coast upfront and personal.

Over a Saturday morning bible study, Nate proposed to Mike that this summer be memorable. Last summer they road tripped to Bonnaroo, a popular music festival in middle America. Exercising and adventure are habitual to Mike and Nate. Nate biked from the East to West coast of Florida with some friends and Mike is ready for  the greatest summer of his life.

Why the Wounded Warriors Project?

Mike and Nate firmly believe that America’s soldiers are the backbone to freedom and democracy. As proud Americans they want to give back to those who so bravely risked life and limb selflessly for others.

What’s up with the suits?

In August 2011, Green Mann Advertising was launched in South Florida. It gained instant stardom at Florida Atlantic University and was featured on the “CBS 12” broadcast in the following month. We (Mike and Nate) fit the suits and the suits fit their personalities. We are slow moving, extremely eye catching mobile billboards. Everywhere we go in these suits people want to see wants on them and what for.  There are 2,500 miles of advertising space on our route. What a perfect and affordable opportunity to get your brand noticed along the East coast. Email us at mike@mikeandnate.com for advertising information.

Have you ever biked a 2,500 mile distance?

Actually no. However, Mike and Nate have competed in triathlons, “Tough Mudder” races, and are thrill seeking lovers of life. Their goal is to make it across the coast and would love if you would bike along! They are going to be averaging 12-14 mph and traveling 50 miles daily. You are encouraged to join them at your pace. Mark your calendars and check our bike route for dates in your area. We leave Key West on June 25th and expect to arrive in Niagara Falls on August 14th.

16 thoughts on “About the Ride

  1. Hey guys. Not sure if you’re still coming. I’m cooking dinner now. Are you interested in going on base and checking out any of the wounded warrior stuff here at Camp Lejeune? Be safe. Robert

    • Hey Robert, we are staying at Station 1 Fire Dept. Got fed at the All American BBQ. We just heard about the WWP on base and think they are doing a great job. Have a good night, thanks for the generous offer!

  2. Having you guys here was just awesome !!! Glad you included us in one of your stops. Be safe out there – Enjoy your GREAT adventure. Love, Uncle Rich & Aunt Ginger

  3. It was a pleasure to meet you both, Mike and Nate! On the tour of Mt. Vernon, we had just heard that Washington never turned down a person at his door asking for a meal or place to stay. We just couldn’t let you be turned away! May God Bless you on your trip, and we feel so blessed and encouraged by your story. With love from the Hughes family.

  4. Hi guys,

    You are an inspiration to us at Victory Christian Center.

    I’m praying that you touch everyone God wants you to touch.

    Lola Bence

  5. Hello – I met Nate as he was coming out of Starbucks at 7th st and Indiana ave in DC. Good luck to you both on your journey!

  6. Nice to meet Mike & Nate in Burlington, Ontario, Canada today on there final day of the ride! Rode with them to Oakville – Great job boys!

    • Thank you Phil for helping us navigate away from the construction. Really appreciate the scenic route. It was way more beautiful than sucking the tail pipes of bull dozers

  7. Hi Mike! I doubt you remember me, but I met you outside a coffeeshop in Boca with my sister, Melissa, and her friend Ali after you offered to show us a trick. We quoted “Hot Rod” for a while, and we all came to some non-alcoholic bar and watched you and your friends play speed chess… I’m at Boston College now and I met a girl from Boca who knew who you were, and she showed me this blog. I hope everything’s great with you! Keep on being cool.

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