Day 42. NYCity to West Point

Waved goodbye to Erica on 37th & Park, took the bike trail on the west side up to 178th. The trail is constantly being used by joggers with their dogs, cyclists, and rollerskaters. Portions are underneath overpasses which provides shade for the basketball/handball/indoor soccer courts. Manhattan is bustling at all times of the day!

The steepest incline has been getting up to the George Washington Bridge, it’s a walking path and other cyclists were walking their bikes up and down the trail but we’re borderline superheroes so we muscled through. Coming off the GWB into Fort Lee, NJ. 9W is regarded as one of the best training roads in all the United States.

Thanks for the free lights Strictly Bicycles. Not one bike shop has a better showroom than you guys. It’s so vast they have to hang them from the ceiling! Oh, this is funny…the woman who took the photo never used an iPhone before and she initially looked threw the lens and her eye was on the screen, I wish she took a photo! (who doesn’t know how to use an iPhone?!)20120810-231702.jpg

Met Billy Baldwin at the Filling Station on 9W. Short rib, brisket, and hanger steak patties on every burger. These are gourmet burgers hidden in the woods, a local gem. 20120810-231714.jpg


Army Jazz Band. 20120810-231725.jpg

You stay classy America while I recline in my plush leather couch in the gentleman’s lounge of West Point.20120810-231752.jpg


Is it strange that generals would play chess on West Point and use foot soldier pieces as pawns on the board? It seems a little too literal. 20120810-231804.jpg

Open mouth. Place on tongue. Let melt.20120810-231827.jpg

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