Day 41. NYC

So a Jewish family walks into a deli and an Asian waiter walks over to their table, speaking perfect Yiddish he asks what they would like to eat. They are amazed! When the waiter walks away they ask the proprietor how an Asian speaks such good Yiddish. The proprietor replies, “Shh! He thinks I’m teaching him English”

Start off with semi sour pickles and coleslaw. Move into pastrami on rye. We met my friend from SoFla in NYC. He is working at a Jewish summer camp and was able to skip the Sabbath and visit. Appropriately we ate at Ben’s Delicatessen.20120804-232518.jpg


Kiwis-New Zealand

Bungans-Australian ‘rednecks’

Yes they have pet a koalo, kangaroos are like deer, never been to the Ayers rock, saw a dingo, love Hugh Jackman. Why does it come to a surprise that tourists fly half way around the world to vacation in NYC?! It is such a lively city and certainly a beacon in all the world.20120804-232553.jpg

Metropolitan Museum. I tried scouring for a free pass when I bashfully was told the museum was free to get in but donations are recommended. We saw as much as we could. One could spend a few days within the museum and not uncover all the mysteries revealed inside the walls. It is on 5th ave which is where Central Park starts.

Below is a sitar exhibit. There were revolutionary instruments. Some were one of a kind. Some influenced great musicians and were played by them too. I suggest allowing musicians the right to play the exhibits once a year, it will further the awe of the museum pieces.

My bike lights got stolen while inside the museum ūüė¶ ¬† A Sabrett hot dog stand gave us a salty pretzel ūüôā ….They balance each other out!20120804-232631.jpg

Yes, this is Leprechaun figurehead on a harp.20120804-232740.jpg

I was in this room with my sister two years ago. It befuddles me thinking of how it was built in the room. Were the walls torn down? Who reassembled it? (slaves?)20120804-232754.jpg

“The world is full of a number of things. We all shall be as happy as kings”20120804-232915.jpg

Security put a bead on us after I handed a tourist a flyer. The Paul Blart museum cop sternly warned me with a pointer finger in my face. For the rest of the visit we had security detail following us….hazaaa! We made it onto the radar!20120804-232927.jpg


Ben is a squirrely fellow. 20120804-232950.jpg



Pond in the center of Central Park. Canoes and Swan paddle boats criss-cross across the pond. So much activity on the water and around it. It seems like everyone is athletic in the city, the park was bustling with joggers and cyclists. But how many people in the city actually train in the park?

The waterway South of Manhattan (Upper Bay) has so many boats and ferries and cargo ships and yadda yadda it’s surprising there are no accidents! And Sully Sullenberger landed a 155 passenger plane in the middle of without hitting ANYONE….incredible.¬†20120804-233100.jpg




Vegan (earth mother) and meat lovers (the newman) at Two Boots pizza20120804-233115.jpg




Canal St. Most fun on a bicycle yet. It felt like I was a bike messenger, zig-zaging through traffic, occasionally bumping into parked vehicles, I sped through while my eyes shifted back from one side to the other scanning for opening doors, delivery men.  20120804-233137.jpg


HAHAHAHA out of all the restaurants in Manhattan, we eat at Red Lobster. I’m not dissing them. Merely saying we are in the central hub of cuisine outside Paris and are eating at a frickin’ Red Lobster. They did discount the meal and I was able to use my blood gift cards.20120804-233224.jpg





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