Day 38. Philadelphia to East Brunswick

Oh Wawa. Your gas station subs never seize to impress me. Sure I can pump gas while ordering my sub via touchscreen but who doesn’t enjoy convenience?

We eat our subs upstairs in the electrical room. When we return to our bikes a vigilante approached us. He kept his eye on two hoodlums that had their eyes on our bikes. His badge’s shine hid behind the 30 years of wear and all that time on the force kept him sharp as a tack. “The average robbery involving a shooting was $6 last year. We’ve had 14 shootings so far this year. If you see trouble, turn around.” 20120801-232445.jpg

Ashley welcomed us into her basement abode with a delicious dish. Quiche and roasted garlic. She has a contagious laugh and great stories about work and play. Her background is in cellular sales, not cell phones. Biological cells. Experienced surfer and sailor. 20120801-232451.jpg

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