Day 33. D.C.

Batman just got out. 2:45 am. Barbers are probably asleep. No need to rush back to the hotel. What does Abe look like at 3 am? Why can’t we bike through the WWII memorial? How close to coitus do two have to be in public before you can call the police on them? These two adolescents must have won the lottery because no distraction could break their lip lock and heavy petting. The other youngens at the Lincoln Memorial were sloshed and struggled to snap a steady photograph.


Jefferson monument was first to visit yesterday. Never made it do D.C. before now. I wasn’t a safety patrol in elementary school, didn’t get the power orange sache and plastic badge. The detail in each statue is remarkable not to forget about the decadent moldings of the monument’s ceilings or thinking about each hammer stroke against the chisel to engrave the immortalized words of our forefathers into the marble walls. Their words may last longer than the marble they are engraved into which is a prodigious thought. The first monument we saw was the Washington monument. It towers over D.C. and has blinking red lights in the tip so planes and helicopters don’t mistakenly bump into it. The obelisk represents fertility and a flourishing nation. The middle of it has a different shade of stone which I heard was from the renovations but may be from time…not sure.
I would be inclined to write to the government in D.C. and have large #’s in the land around the Washington Monument like a sundial since it’s shadow casts over hundreds of feet. Or name a cafe/barber shop “5 o’clock shadow” and it would be always under the shade of monument’s 5 pm shadow.



We toured the Museum of Natural History and Newseum. Spent too much time in one and not enough in the other. Air and Space wouldn’t let us keep our luggage inside which was uber frustrating.
I asked the security officer, “Ma’am, I know you are underqualified and overarmed for your position. Please, may I speak to your supervisor?” Her response, “I is the soup-ugh-vyza.”





Thank you Merzi for the lunch. The restaurant is like chipotle for indian food. Pick a protein, sort of serving, and toppings. One would flourish in Boca. We ate with two lovely ladies (Holly and Lauren) we met inside the Museum of Natural History. We stared deeply into the Hope Diamond and let the light shimmer through the many faces cut into it. They walked with us to lunch and to gelatto next door and we walked them to their Metro stop.



Each building has history or a musuem of important artifacts unique to the original lot it is on.Such as an original paver or photograph of the building in the 10’s. The Langley FBI building is easier to get through security than ANY museum in D.C. Their equipment is much better, you don’t have to unzip each pocket and explain why you are travelling across country with a 3″ pocket knife. The MOST stupendous thing in the FBI building is their shooting range. The rear wall is transparent with auditorium seating. Government officials can spectate the use of a new weapon simultaneously compared to it’s predecessor the next shooting stall over. Neato!


Old Post Office Building is old and hot. Hot air rises and climbed 12 storiesish to the observation deck.



Starbucks donated a frap and Nick from the Newsuem donated two tickets. Outside we met a man who kicked one thousand times in succession to raise $$ for a charity. A paesan from Long Island (I’m not born there but still felt connected because I gained an accent once I heard “Long Island”).


It’s too fancy. We’ll never get in. Mizner is priveleged to have Capital Grille occupy it’s premesis and we we’re blessed to have a full three course meal. Adam and Tom were the head hanchos. Tom ordered for us. His knowledge of the food surpassed his willingness to share the ingredients and flavors we should prepare our palette for. Every time he walked away from the table he tapped his pen on my shoulder and smiled. I wanted to pick his brain.
“Is this real life? I don’t mean ‘are we dreaming’. I am implying can this sort of lifestyle be attainable?” See America, enjoy fine dining experiences, all for practically free.



First course: fried calamari sauteed with hot cherry peppers & garlic butter…pan seared house-made mozzarella wrapped in prosciutto served over 12-year balsamic marinated tomatoes with parmesan crisps. 20120802-144426.jpg


Second course: Peppercorn crusted dry-aged sirloin steak finished with courvoisier cognac cream sauce….Kona coffee crusted filet mignon sliced over cipollini onions. Portabella and cremini mushrooms sauteed with fig essence.20120802-144452.jpg20120802-144518.jpg20120802-144505.jpg
Dessert: Coconut creme cake….Cheesecake with wild berry sorbet

2 thoughts on “Day 33. D.C.

  1. Hi Mike, Hi Nate. You look like you are eating your way up the Eastern Seaboard. HaHa! I think food is most on your minds. You really look great and I am so proud of you both and proud to have met you. Keep biking!!!. Thanks for sharing. Always……….Gale from VFW POST 4127

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