Day 32. Woodbridge to D.C.






The couch surfer we were supposed to stay with already had 5 other guests crashing his pad. Two of us would make it a full house (I’m Uncle Joey). It was a great stop, we were able to shower, used hand towels to dry ourselves. Met a couple that has been hitch hiking from Argentina, they sing and play guitar to raise $$ to get to their next destination, from Portugal originally and on their way to Canada.

Praise God, He put the Barbers (family friends from SFL) in our path and led them to contact us. We informed them of our situation. They dropped off a hotel key. Their children willingly volunteered their beds for us. How moving, such humble children.

Two deluxe burgers at Shaw’s Tavern. Reserved cheese with a mushroom aftertaste,  20120727-102747.jpg

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