Day 29. Richmond

On the observation deck of Richmond city hall. The security guard asked us to take our bikes downstairs and lock them outside. We obliged him and walked towards our bikes to unlock them but weren’t fast enough. The women smoking giggled about us having to leave or the security guard taking his job too seriously. “Hey! I asked you ONCE already, this a warning!”. He put his hand on his utility belt and leaned into his yell. Now the women must have thought how they love a man in uniform…20120723-111551.jpg

Needless to say we stopped at the mayor’s office and demanded a meeting with him. Mayor Jones is running unopposed this election. Congratulations on your victory!20120723-111558.jpg20120723-111606.jpg20120723-111624.jpg20120723-112506.jpg

In between The Fan and Museum District we found Bamboo Cafe.20120723-131900.jpg

This interview never made it on the air. 20120723-131852.jpg20120723-164627.jpg20120723-164601.jpg


3 thoughts on “Day 29. Richmond

  1. Hey there Mike and Nate, im the girl you asked where Lombardy St. was today (7.23.12) on the corner of belvidere and broad st. here in good ol RVA… see? i remembered the web address. And sorry i wasnt peddling on my bike, i had just had a seizure…even though one of you told me to. Im diggin your goal, and i send my support! Now check out where i need support – http://www.LYONHAUS.COM – trying to raise awareness/collect donations to get my Brain condition (AVM) and radiation treatment….we are of common goals from a conceptual viewpoint. Hope you enjoyed Richmond, and safe travels. – Michelle (is my name)

    • We are following your blog, what else can we do?! Of course we will keep you in prayer and believe for a full recovery 🙂

      Made it to our destination thanks to you Michelle!

  2. Hi guys! Just wanted you to know we are following your progress and keeping you in prayer for provision and safety! Love your wit, determination and compassion for the cause! xo

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