Day 27. Norfolk to Williamsburg

Check out the interview HERE!20120722-224913.jpg



The ride was arduous and the undulating side roads complicated things. Our legs were tired, my mind was a bit stressed, and Nate and I didn’t speak much today. The previous day we had 4 flats and today I hit a pothole with bent my rim and a spoke. It rubbed my front brake on each rotation, the squeak irked me.

All we ate was  a Jersey Mike’s sub in the morning. Not a lot of energy or will power today. It was our fault though. We agreed to pass a few restaurants in hopes of reaching our host’s home before night fall which didn’t happen. After dark we reached his doorstep, drenched by the rain and still had to ring out our suit before feeling comfortable.

Each back road was one digit off from the previous one. Ex. 637 to 636 back to 637 to 643 to 644 back to 643. The hills were steep and our legs were worn out. Our spirits were down too. The rain kept us under shelter for over 2 hours as it poured cats and dogs. Speaking of dogs, we stayed in a Doggy Day Care while the wind howled. Hair was visible in the air, barking didn’t seize, and I couldn’t cope well with the smell.

The wind blew sand into our eyes and stuck to our lips. It limited us to 12 mph down the bridge. There were shacks on stilts in the water. I thought they were a poor man’s resort but it turns out they are duck blinds for hunters that are regularly used.

His family was in town. What a kind man. He was giving and loved listening as much as sharing. We took his land rover the following morning to Bikes Unlimited to mend my rim and make it “true”.

Pablo, a geologist from William and Mary (2nd oldest university in the nation) on the ferry, told us about the history behind the peninsula. How Yorktown, Jamestown, and Williamsburg came to be. Showed us the church the John Smith and Pocahontas settled near and that the ferry is the city’s way of supplying a bridge without tampering with the virgin look of the James River.

On the Colonial Parkway we saw three deer, an american eagle, countless fireflies, and a heard bird calls from a wide array of fowls. The road has no lines in it. Sort of like larger chattahootchie and very wide. Wide enough to march an army down.

Roy asked if we wanted steak or crab. Steak two nights in a row. Not too shabby…We’re spoiled. It was a marvelous meal (Nate cooked the steaks to perfection. I made a vegetable medley with jalapenos), he was a great host (civil lawyer for 35 years with an eloquent vocabulary and deep well of information on current and past news), slept in an amazing pull out (soft but firm, warm and cozy but cold and crisp right where I needed it).20120722-224928.jpg


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