Day 26. Ahoskie to Norfolk


Delray Beach made it into the USA Today as the Most Fun city in America!!20120720-223307.jpg

It was the best of roads it was the worst of roads. Three flats for me, one split tire, one bent rim, one messed up spoke. 20120720-223727.jpg


Mike: Hey man, how many tubes do you have left?

Nate: 2 (ttsssss. the rear tire hissed)

Mike: I guess now you have 1.20120720-223301.jpg

Chef garden iced gazpacho with brunoise vegetables and a lemon cucumber sorbet.20120720-223344.jpg

Spicy shellfish ceviche with florida citrus, jalapenos, and smoked sea salt.20120720-223353.jpg

“Pittsburgh” hanger steak with smoked blue cheese butter and a summer squash/onion medley.20120720-223359.jpg20120720-223335.jpg

Warm brioche bread pudding with whiskey custard and caramel sauce.20120720-223411.jpg

Dark chocolate pot de creme with chantilly cream and caramelized bananas.20120720-223420.jpg


Fun facts: U.S.S. Wisconsin. Can fire a ballistic missile the size of a VW beetle. When every  gun fires it tilts the boats 30 degrees and pushes it back 12 feet. 20120721-094240.jpg

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