Day 21 North Myrtle Beach (Little River) SC to Wilmington (Wrightsville Beach) NC

1:15 am. “Dispatch. There is a house fire in progress on Barnacle Rd. Station 2 report. Crossroads are US703 and Watercolor Way. Paramedics en route.” Nothing like being woken up by a PA system and siren. I slip my shoes on and was handed a yellow reflective FIRE RESCUE vest. We take the tower truck. It’s ladder extends 104 feet and needs to be hydraulically anchored before extended.

The fire truck has unique brakes that assist it decelerating. Not sure how they work entirely but it feels like some external force is pulling on the engine while a low grumble growls and makes the truck hum like a tuning fork. FD on the scene within 4 minutes.
I’m speechless.

We stopped at a Catholic church on the road to play a scrimmage soccer game with some Hispanics but it was too late. Filled up the water bottles and had cookies/bread/bagels donated. There is a memorial on the wall of all the congregation’s service members that are abroad.

Sam was a police chief for over 20 years in Jersey. He spoke about his son a lot, you could tell he really cares about his family and moved to Florida to be closer. Nate then patched a flat in the Harley Davidson store a block down the street while I sat on hogs and ‘vrrrm”ed with my mouth, turned the bike until the kickstand hit and looked back at my bike. Mine has a better motor.

North Carolina has an unwelcoming party for bikers. Dogs that aren’t leased to their homes will chase you down the street. Do we look like mailmen? 4 mile stretch
of unpaved asphalt. You stay classy Shallotte, NC.

Welcome to the bro-asis. Close your eyes and imagine, wait if you close your eyes then the story is over….Picture REEF & Billabong vomiting every surf-ernalia
onto the walls, stolen street signs like “SHADY ave” & “HOOKER st” are at the cross section of the ‘pad’ and the ‘bed’. On the end of the futon is a
massage chair-apist which I sat on for an hour. Christmas lights year round. Three stories including a widow’s walk on the roof that is sublime for watching the waves
and the sunset. Every tenant is young, tan, and accustomed to ‘Bath Salt Life’ (a spin-off sticker they made after the zombie outbreak). Tom, our host, introduced me
to surfer jargon like “get pitted”. I dusted off my surfer vernacular and dropped a “tubular” and “kowabunga”…probably should have left those phrases in the 70’s.

I had the ‘fajitarrito’ and Nate chowed down on the ‘double bypass’ with guacamole dip at Flaming Amy’s Burrito Barn. It is decorated like Tijuana Flats (graffiti on the walls and decorated ceiling tiles). Every employee has a visible tattoo. Wasabi & mango salsa among other unique salsas in the self-serve bar. 20120717-122729.jpg



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