Day 20 Georgetown SC to North Myrtle Beach SC (Little River)

Several times during the night I rolled onto a spring or woke up drenched in sweat craving water. It was difficult to dream of anything. I wanted to dream of
being at the foot of the falls. Standing on top the rushing water looking straight up hundreds of feet and seeing Nate. Thousands of roaring gallons below Nate.
We made it. Why is he on top and I’m down below?

Judi In Wonderland has a bright and promising future ahead. If not an accomplished writer and world traveler she could make a living behind the stove at a diner.
No disrepect! Hashbrowns in coconut oil, sunny side up eggs, ginger/apple/carrot juice was like going on a first date. It ended well and left a great taste in
my mouth. I asked her what adjective she would like me to use to describe her. “Bubbly” she said. Coincidentally I already had “effervescent” chosen. Synonymous.
Good luck travelling around the world. (There is a map in her bathroom with circles around all the places she desires to go to and penciled in areas on those
she has already seen)

We left behind schedule, as if we have one, with a full stomach and a full tupperware of peanut sauce for future meals. Back track 701 to Black River Rd to Church
and over the bridges. Stopping to smell the roses which were overpowered by the distant paper plant’s exhaust. The wind carried it over miles. The wind pushed us
over miles.

Onto the Redneck Riviera.

US17 is a tricky road. One on side you have unrelenting traffic. Their only concern is how close can they get to you without smearing. On
the other side is a low soft shoulder ready to swallow you whole if you get a flat or veer too close. Luckily, Nate and I are as balanced as scales and haven’t tipped
yet. Not to say one of us hasn’t fallen off. *Nate* 3 times. Each time was in a stationary position. Until the weight of his bike and the unwillingness of his shoe
to unclip landed him.

Hog Heaven. Finally, a place where we can speak some Spanish! Feels like home. Reina de Mexico not only donated but encouraged us and shared a warm hug and a sweet
smile. It was a southern buffet. A bit spicy for my taste. Beat Nate in the ring-on-a-string.

Not a lot to see on the road today. We passed a gigantic statue of a horse biting another horse. Turns out there are public gardens behind it with more massive statues
and a rich history of the Gullah culture along with their Gichi language. Forgot the name of the garden and the artist. Can’t miss the entrance though.

I am sorry for not remembering to take a photo outside your Thai restaurant kind lady who fed us chicken fried rice.

We don’t ALWAYS have a place to stay. Typically we do though. Through CouchSurfing. Tonight is a different story. I planned on staying at a friend’s house in North Myrtle but she is a flight attendant and had to work unexpectedly. No biggy. Let’s grab a bite at the first free standing Jersey Mike’s and ask around for a floor under a roof. The two employees offered a hypothetical couch, not saying they didn’t own one, just that they already had 7 people “surfing” in their home. Pretty sure they have a meth lab running in their home though. Both had many tattoos and facial piercings. I’m not one to assume the disposition of inked and poked people but when they are as spacey followed by tweaky employees as these guys, your mind wanders.

Two locals, one young one our age, said “we’ll ask mom” if we can stay. We beat them to their house by 20 minutes (Nate even had a flat rear, he seems to have a lot of those lol). So out comes an active marine member who is drunk and gives marines a TERRIBLE name. Swearing and bellicose towards us, it may be worth it to stick around for a free bed or worse yet a blog entry. He went through several Corona Lights before the two we met before arrived. The one our age is a corpsman (enlisted member of a medical unit) at the same fort as Mr. Inebriated. My soul wasn’t sitting comfortably with any of this situation. Lord guide us, let Your will be done and provide us shelter. Let us sleep under the shadow of your wings and have rest.

Saw a some ladies sitting on a porch on our way to the bungalow. They can’t house us but direct us to a “christian” camp & retreat. It is in quotations because I thought the body of Christ would be supportive of one another in such a time of need. When our need is a primal as a hard floor with covering over our heads. Of which they have dozens of vacant dorms. We speak with the grounds keeper and he defends against OUR stabs with smiles and chuckles. Irked, drained, and now disgruntled we try to speak with the organizer directly but he doesn’t answer…although SECONDS before he did when the grounds keeper called. Our flesh was getting too much control of our spirit and it took a breather/reflection to recall all the times the Lord has provided for us already.

Like a pinball we bumped to another location searching for a bed to sleep in. The sun is setting and church is getting out. The entire congregation passes us to get to their cars. One family seems kind and willing to provide. Nate has a heated dispute with a pastor. The pastor is trying to bump us to a homeless shelter they are “partnered with”….how many of the homeless men are in the congregation tonight sir?….The kind family’s children tugged on their father’s shirt and said with pure hearts “WWJD daddy?” and “Let them sleep in my bed, I’ll take the floor daddy”. Mom was another story, she was hesitant from the start. Of course, two strangers dressed strangely seems…well you would be apprehensive letting two youngens into your home. The officer and security guard pulled the parents aside and actually warned them against us. Persuaded them NOT to let us sleep there! I chuckled at what God was doing. He revealed to me what I would do in the situation: I would let in a stranger abruptly without prayer and might be in the line of danger doing so BUT with checking my spirit and a brother’s advice I could then discern to welcome or send the stranger. Do all things through prayer and supplication. The father jumped in to the scenario too quickly and the mother didn’t even dip her feet, no middle ground could be made. We shook the dust from our feet and tried our hardest to sincerely bless them in prayer.

Next step. Purchase camping equipment. Pitch tent close by. Return supplies in morning. Thank you Terry for stepping in and reminding us about our great fire departments. Chief Mike arranged us to be housed in Station 2 in North Myrtle Beach.

Profile: Brian Childress. Body builder size. His heart must be as large as his biceps. Extremely humble and willing to serve. Made us dinner and breakfast like a brother. Every story he shared ended with a smile. “At the end of the day, a fireman’s duty is to help those in need” He knows that family is the most important value in the world. At home he loves his wife and kids and at work he loves his fellow firefighters. You spend 1/3 of your life with these guys, it bonds your hearts to one another.

They shared stories about accidents where bodies were flung from windshields maybe to watch Nate and I cringe during the detailed account of their mangled faces. I asked questions about the tools they use and what to do in circumstances like a stopped heart (cool the body as quickly as possible with ice packs) or a cat stuck in a tree (have you ever seen a cat skeleton in a tree? just wait for it to come down!).

Our beds were tucked into the back of the station with a private bathroom. Leftover fireworks lit the sky outside. Mi casa es su casa. Nate and I had a pull up contest, raced to 20 pull ups. Tie. He should have won.

One thought on “Day 20 Georgetown SC to North Myrtle Beach SC (Little River)

  1. That sucks that NMB didn’t treat you guys so well. It is true. You are riding through there during the most annoying time for them. But they should also be welcoming, because tourism creates their economy after all. Good luck guys. I’m rooting for you.

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