Day 19 Charleston SC to Georgetown SC

Friday the 13th is free Chick-Fil-A day. Dress up like a cow and get whatever you want. We forgot our cow costumes at home so I let Nate ride me in like I was in his
herd. It was utterly ridiculous. LOL

Four lanes merge onto one bridge. I-95 on steroids. A bike path is accessible only if you ‘start at GO’, which we didn’t. We started on the first of the four overpasses and took a
shortcut over downtown and across six lanes of bustling traffic. Once you answer three questions correctly and slay the bridge troll you must lift your 80lbs bike
over a guard rail. Thankfully, some cyclist willing to lend a helping hand was descending as we were approaching the concrete partition. Sorry for slowing your descent.
I hate when I have to slow down. Ever get into the groove and someone cuts the music? Or start dreaming and get woken up while in mid-flight? That’s what going from 30 to
zero feels like.

Randall at Mike’s Bikes provided a chain breaker tool and some loose chain links. Cleaned our gears and filled our tires. Not to mention his service in the armed forces.

Justin bought us Starbucks and Heather bought us a Starbucks gift card. They have the best restrooms to whistle in. The acoustics are better than an opera house.

Georgetown is not a pretty city. It’s too manly to be attractive. The paper and steel factories that side the river scream “INDUSTRY”. Empty boat slips along the banks.
Collapsed buildings with fire damage across from city hall suggest misplaced funds or a lack of concern for tourism. Factory workers climbed stairs visible from the street.
Even if the town got a facelift, the smoot on it’s face would conceal it.

Judi introduced Jax, her dog, and then sat us down to a post-shower meal. Pasta with peanut sauce and a light salad. First time having wine this trip. We tried to finish
earlier rather than later because the comedy show at Limpin’ Janes started already. “Excuse me for being a dirty hippie” she said sarcasstically. “If something is messy
just tell yourself that your host is ‘artistic'”

Never steal the spotlight! The door to the sitting area is behind the makeshift stage so anyone who comes late turns heads. Thankfully, the comedian said I was late because
I just finished my Pantene commercial. When I sat next to a balding gentleman he commented on me renting out my hair to those less fortunate (pointing to chrome-dome).

We got mic time, a few laughs, and few more donations. Called it a night afterwards.














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