Day 18. Charleston

Charleston Fist Bump, Two students from College of Charleston

Biking Fist Bump

Leaving Pastor Marc’s community we spot a 7 foot gator on the lake bank. As we run up, he turns towards us to reveal a large white bird in his mouth. The gator goes under water with his catch. The only thing left are a few feathers from the fallen fowl.

Each block in Charleston has a heritage. Every home has history. It would take every buggy and hansom tour in the city to learn every detail of the rich city. We started at the BCM house near College of Charleston. The house is new but was built to reflect the 18th century design of red brick, white porch, and black wooden (actually plastic) shutters. Here is a video of the rest of the morning.

College of Charleston is 4 square blocks and has a 70:30 ratio of girls:guys. I would transfer but am one credit away from graduating. Orientation day. Freshman stroll through the city with their parents picking up textbooks at the local bookstore. A regional volleyball competition is being held on campus. Hordes of hormonal girls flock over, enamored by our vibrant suits, they whip out their smart phones. I predict an auspicious Facebook plug.

The Battery contains cannons circa Civil War Era with cannonballs stacked in a pyramid next to them. A family of overheated tourists take shade under the gazebo in the center of the Battery. Don’t they know that wearing full body spandex suits keeps you cooler than Hasselhoff?!

We just saved you $10. Here is a tour of the Calhoun Mansion.

Hyman’s provided an amazing lunch. Started off with their Carolina Delight, parmesan cheese fried oysters a top a grit cake. Followed by flounder for me and whatever for Nate. Not worth mentioning because it wasn’t as good as mine 🙂 He had salmon & grits with swordfish. It looked really good to tell ya the truth. Ben & Jerry’s gave us free ice cream which was so appropriate for such a warm day.

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