Day 17. Beaufort to Charleston

Scrambled eggs with sausage patties and bacon I took from Nate’s plate with a side of potatoes at the Magnolia Bakery Cafe. Stacey was enamored by our ride. Her younger sister Ashley was as quite as an oiled hinge. She moved but didn’t make a squeak.


When you ask a restaurant for a meal and manager isn’t there to sign off on it there is an awkward “I want to help you and I know I should but I can’t”. There should be a charitable clause that allows employees to provide free meals for non-profits. I digress.

The lowcountry of South Carolina is iconic for exposed oysters and craw fish during low tide and tall reeds. Puddles of fresh water collect to form pools of life and it isnt until the next tide do the life forms interact yet again then become separated and so on.

Four grounded planes on US21 outside the Marine base. All were iconic and photogenic.


A vast span of lowcountry on both sides of us today. As far as the eye can see until a faint tree line splits it from the sky. Cat tails sway in the wind and dandelion buds catch the updraft. Without my glasses I feel too exposed to all the debris. One grain of sand can cause minutes of discomfort. Ben had a half eroded cornea from an unwashed eye overnight.

Zach, the spirit filled farmer boy, welcomed us with cold peaches and apricots. The best peaches are from South Carolina. He spoke with fire in his heart. Animated and fervent about the good works the Lord has done in his life. Scripture rolled off his tongue and His righteous words we’re more refreshing than the refrigerated fruit.

22 miles before Charleston the rain started. “we’ll beat it” Nate said. Thunder drum rolled and lightning light up our surroundings like heavenly paparazzi. Before the rain you can see the cloud’s shifting shadows on the asphalt. We literally biked the same pace as the clouds moved. Constantly at the edge of the shade with direct sunlight a few feet in front.


Unopened paved roads were a nice break from the highway. Typically you have three inches of clearance on both sides. To your left was heavy traffic and a soft shoulder to your right. Luckily the traffic was absent when you needed to veer outside the half foot lane to avoid road kill or road debris.

Pastor Marc Estes and Sister Lauren welcomed us into their Charleston home. 5 miles outside downtown. Two daughters (Allie 2.5, Chandler 10 months). Stayed up till 11 speaking about life, our walk with the Lord, movie collections, jobs and schooling. Such a kind couple and really loving! Marc shared his romantic story of meeting Lauren at a mutual friend’s party. He approached the door with his shirt off and a heavy southern draw, she didn’t stand a chance! Charlie, Marc and Linda’s now wet dog, enjoys panting, shedding, and pushing children’s musical toys with her nose. At least he is cute. My eyes are itchy. Good night.



3 thoughts on “Day 17. Beaufort to Charleston

  1. It was so great to meet you guys tonight at Mark and Lauren’s house. I will sent up prayers for a safe trip, food for your bellies and a warm bed for rest.You guys are awesome.
    Terri aka Nana

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