Day 16. Savannah to Beaufort

Started off hugging Jenna good-bye. She isn’t a couch surfer, a close friend from home. We cycled to the Morning Savannah News. Watch the interview HERE!

The bridge out of Savannah was awesome. 34 mph down the north side into South Carolina. Unfortunately we had to stop and take a photo in front of the WELCOME sign. Definitely could have cruised around 25 for a mile if we didn’t stop.

A two lane highway with broken yellow lines permits the passing of cars. A F350 duelly passed five cars going 70 mph caused such a gust and a scare Nate and I were shaken to our cores. Close call. We don’t even think he saw us.

Angela and Bob McGuire are relatives I didn’t know I had. My grandfather’s brother’s daughter. My uncle gave me their # and they rendezvoused with us at a quiet italian restaurant in South Carolina. We didn’t catch up because we never spoke before. It was comforting knowing how kind my grandfather and his brother was. That’s where my father must get it from. 20120716-231942.jpg

Beaufort, SC is on the low country and considered a marshy estuary. When the tide goes out the boats in the water become anchored to the dirt, typically sailboats. You have to be careful because of all the oysters and hard sea floors. One distinct boat was made with a standard sailboat hull and the rest was plywood screwed together, very trashy looking and stood out amongst the rest of the boats on the Beaufort River. Rich victorian style homes, neighboring marine base, second oldest city behind Charleston.

This is a public area with benches, overgrown shady trees, and antebellum cannons.

Evan, our host on Lady Island, is a power line technician at a marine base. He works on turbine and fuel cells. His wife moved back to Vermont and is a phlebotomist. He ships out to Japan or Korea. We grilled chicken and vegetables then played a Mario Kart drinking game. It was real light hearted. He dipped tobacco and weaved a hemp bracelet and necklace for his wife while I stretched my legs. ‘It’s simple really. Do what you love and never work a day in your life.’

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