Day 14 & 15. Kicking’ it in Savannah

Erin opened the door around 2 am. A man in his briefs was soaked and followed her into her room. Very strange dream. They actually went swimming and she gave him shorts before he went home.

Had a banana and a cliff bar to start the day. Nate had 3 apples, cliff bar and some chicken. Went to the First African Baptist Church. Took a tour of the basement with a family reunion. There are holes drilled into the floor boards so slaves hiding could breath. The pews were old, really old, handmade by freed blacks. Withstood over a century of use and still sound. I eavesdropped on a family member enlightening his group on the history of the building. He is a retired Lt Col. I met many members of their expansive family.


My god cousin worked at Wild Wing Cafe for 6 years and attended SCAD. The current manager, Nick, Hooked Us UP! Yo dawg, I’m talking deuce apps, entrees round table, and sweet T. Word. Brian from St Simon Island met us and shared stories of triathlons and training.


20120708-180352.jpg20120708-180358.jpgJenna walked around downtown with us. She watched us pan handle and pose for photos. She even took some of the photos so we didn’t have to ask a passer-byer. We each got a praline caramel cookie from Savannah Candy Kitchen.


Scout group #578 from Ohio sang Star Bangled Banner with Nate on the steps of river walk.


A couple had a zeal for traveling but were bunkered down with work. They mentioned a bike route in Spain that starts in the mountains and ends on the water. Another couple was also interested in touring America on bicycles, DO IT!!


Jenna helped me stretch. My uncle recommended calling my distant family near Hilton Head. Never really met them but would love to pick their memory about my father.

Ate boiled peanuts and soggy french fries in a bunk line dancing bar as they were closing. A stripper handed me a free entry to her club, “See ya there” with the same 1,000 yard stare a veteran had after seeing too much. I don’t get the concept of boiling the nut when you can just eat them. Maybe if you boil it in a witch’s cauldron with spices but this place smelled musky like those in a gas station. They were wet and messy so I tied my suit arms behind my neck to free my hands. Appearing vulnerable in a spandex halter top nearing midnight in a dank country bar is not on my top of fondest moments of the trip. My first and last time trying them.

I recalled dozens of names of pedestrians on river walk. The second and third times seeing them I would call out their names and remind them to donate. Our total hasn’t budged though. As if people have tried to donate and the server has been unresponsive, maybe so many have tried to donate simultaneously it keeps crashing….hmm. Also, those that solemnly pledged their troth to donate we trust that you did.

Biked back to Erin’s.


20120709-153056.jpgToday wins the award for the best meals all around. Lunch was served at Huey’s. Poached egg atop fried green tomato sandwiched between a crab cake and English muffin.


The MOST difficult part of this bike journey is cycling after a full meal. One eye turns lazy, my knees quiver, and the strap of the fanny pack feels like a corset! We retired back to Jenna’s and read. I completed ‘The Alchemist’ in one sitting. The story of a boy’s personal legacy following his dream and lessons learned from wise men along the way. Nate thumbed through ’50 Shades of Gray’.


It was time to eat again. The Lady & Sons, Paula Deen’s restaurant, provided a $50 gift card. Thank you all so very much. Especially Jensen, Jared, and Stephanie for being so kind and warm towards us! We both consumed over 4,000 calories. Two full servings at the buffet line (peppered pork, brown sugar glazed sweet potatoes, dark meat fried chicken, triple threat mac&cheese, three bean salad, the list goes on) and our first peach cobbler. Warm and gooey with a puff pastry crust. We sat in our booth until closing time when they called a crane to haul us out.
























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