Day 13. St Simon Island to Savannah

6:45, wake up dry as a bone. Finished the water bottle, fill it up and down the hatch. Back to bed. I get out of bed after 10 hours of sleep. Chick-Fil-A breakfast ends in 3 hours, more than enough time. Update Day 2 of the blog. Shower again, the soap scent smells strangely similar to prosciutto. Nate thinks I’m crazy, I think I’m craving deli meats. We have tried to eat new meals at every restaurant and never repeat an entree. I’m praying for a panini.

It’s a mad rush to get out of the village retreat. How the time escapes us. We bolt to Chick-Fil-A, the busiest restaurant in town with 7 minutes to spare before the breakfast menu ends. We have a bunch of coupons for chicken biscuits ๐Ÿ™‚ WHAT?! There are 6 minutes left, how come your not serving breakfast, do you know what we went through…the restaurant was literally in an uproar. One woman asked for a refund, a family straight up left, vacationers were appalled and one peeved man called everyone “jerks!”. Thank God they quit serving breakfast because Sweet Mama’s is the bees knees! Two words. Pork pops. Every cut of pork and cheddar cheese baked into a ball. Also a orange cranberry muffin that was still warm enough to steam when cut open. Don’t even get me started on the iced tea.

Overstock hooked us up with waters and an iPhone case. God bless ya!

Another serene ride down King St, that’s what I felt like, Royalty. My bike felt like a Bentley and the wind was blowing for me.

Took US17 north. It was a quiet ride for me. Nate sang about his surroundings and made words rhyme that shouldn’t. I whistled because the only words that came to my head were “peace” and “Jesus”. Occasionally I pondered on what I would say to the cameras when I speak in New York. Jimmy Fallon or Kimmel, Today Show, Good Morning America. They’ll have to clone us because we will be wanted at every station!

Saw our first gator and tried to lasso it. Too bad they can hold their breathe. Lol. No luck. Next time we jump in after it.

Piggly Wiggly donated a banana and peach to each of us. I wanted my first Georgia peach to be in a cobbler topped with ice cream.

Parts of the road designed for bikers are now chopped up. We were forced to bike in the road for some lengths but no need to worry. The most dangerous vehicle that passed us was towing a boat on a trailer with no wheels. I told you, don’t worry. We didn’t. We heard screeching from the distance. The boat’s hub or hull or motor or trailer chassis or maybe a little of each was being torn apart and flung across the road while sparks rooster tailed. One piece the size of a mower blade jumped and skidded until coming to a rest near us. I told you not to worry, didn’t even touch us. Touched our funny bone though and the passengers in the truck behind it.

Allyanna donated a large pep za and a Greek salad. Ian is funny, too funny, I couldn’t compete. He joked about the gypsies we will see on river walk and what odd things they do to coerce you to follow them. Also he mentioned holistic and totally made up ways to deter mosquitoes and pass a urine analysis simultaneously. Thank you for the laughs and the grub!

Today was the furthest Nate or I have ever biked in a day. 84 miles. I felt under the weather most of the ride. Nate averaged 17 and I had a meager 14. My quads were sore, my mind was a tad cloudy, it was 99 degrees!

We’re waiting for our couch surfer to return home from work. She seems to be putting herself through med school. Med textbooks occupy her counter space and table top. Notes of medical jargon are everywhere too. There is a hand-drawn human heart I the whiteboard (not the kind with two Nike swooshes touching, what it really looks like). Her HUGE American bulldog, Petunia, is in love with Nate. She slobbered on me, I love you too Petunia!




7 thoughts on “Day 13. St Simon Island to Savannah

  1. Nate, spoke with your Mom today. She’s worried you guys R not eating/drinking enough? U guys needed to slam down all the food U can because of the Kcal’s U R burning up everyday without rest. U need to drink gatorade and H20 constantly on your ride to keep U from bonking now that the heat on the road can be100+ . Have U tried any of the goo gels that U eat while riding?

    God bless and love U , Man
    Uncle Andy

    • I have only had one cup of water since I left Key West and Potato chips is my food of choice. Just kidding. I eat all the time, meals are always donated and God takes care of the rest and rest takes care of the rest.

  2. Did you get a good night sleep? Ready for another spectacular day full of awesome experiences in America!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Saw you guys today in Panera Bread!! Love the Morph Suits! You guys rock! Good luck on your next adventure!! Stay Calm and Bike On!! We are from Pennsylvania so maybe we will see you on our way home!!! Stay Hydrated and God bless!

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