Day 9. Daytona to St. Augustine

Awoke at Melody’s on the floor under the kitchen table. How did I get here? Oh yea, I chose to sleep here. It was between that and snuggling with Nate. Spending all day with him is one thing, spending all night with him is another. My mouth was dry. Our bodies have turned on the boosters and crave nutrients and water constantly. Ice water requires more energy to move through your system but is more refreshing than tap. I say burn the extra calories, we don’t need em.

Our radio interview with Kevin Rolston on 95.5 went really well. Nate surprised me with a self-deprecating joke I haven’t heard yet. After we hung up the phone (wonder if the next generation will understand that phrase) we turned to finish packing our panniers and embark. Door is locked. Windows shut. Host is asleep. Called her five times, no response. Resort to knocking, no avail. A few loud pounds gets her downstairs. Off by 10. An hour and a half behind schedule. In the words of Parker Coffin, “sometimes i bike 50 miles. When ya do 80 just put your head down and pedal”.

Stopped at IHOP. Waitress’s father suffered from post war illness. He past. The girls pooled their tips and made a generous giving which I in turn wanted to reciprocate in a tip but that would defeat the purpose of free meals.

ALL WAITERS READING THIS: I hope you are not disappointed in our choice not to tip. We do outside this bike trip. Our donations don’t go to meals or hotel rooms. They go directly to the WWP. Every buck.

I never feel like hopping after leaving IHOP. They must put opiates in the syrup because my eyes were closing while riding. Thank you again for the filling meal.

The road plays tricks on your mind. Not mirages of an oasis or the whisper of your name in the reeds…it makes Nate and I speak in heavy southern accents. Nate’s draw is slower than molasses pouring from the can and he can hold out his vowels as thin and long as the viscous liquid can drip. I on the other hand am a rambler. My fictitious dog, Chester, and I have been hunting all around the world. I’m sure y’all are familiarized with moose. Them those little rascals that scamper across the floor and get chased by cats. Whatcha do is place a cube of American cheese, no other cheese can get-er-done, on a moose trap and wait for em to….WHACK! Chester don’t go eatin the bait, weez huntin moose… now where was I?
Surprisingly we carried on our banter for 15 miles to Flagler Beach.

20120703-135349.jpgStopped at the Disabled American Veterans. Thank you serivcemen and women for your time and bravery. We pray this ride reminds America how integral our soldiers are to out freedom and the risk they take while serving.

Their pier’s planks are memorials for loved ones that have passed. Very touching to read and we tried to walk gingerly over them so our cleat didn’t damage the dremeled engravings.


Deposited over $250 collected over the past two days. We spoke to the employees of the branch and they gave us over one hundred smackaroons! I wished they had done that so we didn’t have to wait in line to make another deposit.

Lost my sunglasses somewhere along the journey. Called previous stops but…I took Nate’s. He doesn’t like them.

Publix donated 5 cans of tuna in olive oil (much better than water because you don’t drain it and it is much more moist).

Wrestling an alligator is close to the top of our list. Behind trapping a bear and jumping off a bridge (this one is actually the most demanding because our bikes must be supervised. The bear and alligator thing is just awaiting first contact). Alligator Farm. Perfect. Let’s wrestle some gators. What?! Spectators can’t wrestle them 😦 Dana, an employee that just got off work was rollerblading home, we gave her a flyer.

Bridge of Lions entering into St. Augustine had a bike first, car second rule. The sun sat atop Flagler College’s zenith. Horse drawn hansoms towed tourist towards taverns. The city breathed. A fresh breath. Castillo de San Marcos still stood after withstanding four centuries AND Debby.

Conrad and April shared their pasta with us when we arrived. Shared stories of India, south America, and eastern Asia in the living room. Showed us the maps of where they have been which were displayed by color coordinated push pins. They are participating in a 1870 or 1780 reenactment soon so his saber, conquistador steel helmet, bayonet, and hatchet were on the floor. She teaches the history behind the circulation of spices in exploration and sells her own dried and wet spices in vials. What’s this? Dana from earlier wants to show Nate and I around town? Conrad and April are ok to leave a hidden key while receive a guided tour of the city at midnight.














2 thoughts on “Day 9. Daytona to St. Augustine

  1. My eyes tear as I am reading your post! I’m also peeling onions! 🙂 Love you guys so much! Press On-Press On!!! Love Dad

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