Day 7. Sebastian to Titusville

Mike and Edica (Nate disagrees with the spelling of her name. ‘Arica’) recommended Country Ham & Eggs but they refused to comp our breakfast. We continued north to the Southern Sisters Cafe. Nate ate the country fried steak with grits and I had the eggs benedict over ham with home fries. ‘Put something south in your mouth’ was on a plaque above the door. The hostess brought over a homemade M&M muffin as we read Proverbs 26. Fools are the lowest of people in the Word. The woman to our left has been training for a marathon but needed surgery, we prayed for a speedy recovery.

We took Indian River Dr and saw Arlo Guthree’s house as we left the sleepy town. Kept our eyes open for a church but no dice. Not one for many miles. Once we reached one it was past sermon hours. Stopped in 4 VFW’s. The heat index was tipping into the high 90’s and you can count on any VFW for a cup of ice & tomato juice which livens the body.

“Everything in Texas is made from leather. Even the people.” -Rich, 77. Boat builder.

TMI: my right cheek is sore and the pain feels like chewing with a cavity. Apply Bag Balm generously.

Thank you Kat at American Legion #81 for your generous donation. We will keep your daughter Stephanie in prayer for a full recovery from her car accident. God gave her the talent to be a wonderful violinist and praise God her arms and hands weren’t injured.

I left my shades at the Legion hall and it would have been 1hour round trip but praise God Tammy (veteran) from Del’s Freeze went on break and got them for me. We sat under the shade eating our free swirl cones while listening to an Former Army Ranger. He goes by Rob and grew up on the Louisiana bayou.

River Rocks blessed us with a buffet. We didn’t breath for a full 20 minutes while inhaling food. Tuna, crab, eggs, rice, peel&eat shrimp. We actually biked up to a storefront before hand with a hundred cars outside, thinking it was a popular eatery. Turns out, its a car lot….

Met Al & Beetle at a gas station 15 miles out of town. Between all the fist bumps and high fives they mentioned the ‘Moose’ and a place to stay. We followed his directions and cycled north behind the roar of their exhaust until the road curved and they were gone.

Thank you American Legion #359 for your support. Tracey took initiative. Grabbed a bucket and went around the bar squeezing dollars out of each patron. We appreciate it.

Swam with manatees in the river that separates Cape Canaveral and Titusville’s space coast. Dove into shallow water, only waist high. Collected countless types of shells with our feet. Three inches long, some had spike on the outer side of the spiral and some were pointed and smooth. There was a mussel inside each with a protective foot shielding their soft tissue body. Manatees grazed all around surfacing to blow out the remainder of their air and take large breathes. Paint a cow’s face grey and slap a tail the size of a manhole cover on them, you got a manatee. Bait fish jumped and circled while pelicans swooned over top the flat water. It was muddy. Too muddy to see you feet. The moon seemed full. The sky was layered with peach, amethyst, and gold with Blue icing stretching straight up. Laid on my back and closed my eyes to pray. Thank you sovereign Lord for creating the majesty and entertainment nature provides. Giving Nate and I the unique opportunity to experience this tranquil side of life. Keep your angels about us as you have done so far. Keep your blessings on us and bless those that have supported us. Glory be to God.

Spent 60 cents on two footlongs at Subway. Thanks Edica for the $10 gift card!

We got put up by Al and his friends at The Riverside Inn. They pooled their money and got us into the hotel siding the Royal Order of Moose. Praise God the provider. Outside our window was the sunrise over Cape Canaveral. How kind are strangers and how humble are people to have met us once and spot us a room. Thank you guys for your support, stay safe, and may God keep His hand over all your lives.



One thought on “Day 7. Sebastian to Titusville

  1. O’ Men of God! Your words are truly inspirational. We are with you mind and Spirit. Praise God for Fanny Balm đŸ™‚ Keep your eyes fixed on the prize. You can do it!!!! Love Dad

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