Day 4. Coral Gables to Boca Raton

Just hit 26 mph coming into Miami Beach. We were escorted through Brickell by a super kind Puerto Rican man who wanted to quit work and bike with us to Niagara. Stopped at BK to fill up our water bottles.20120630-225053.jpg

Party in the city where the Heat is on! All night on the beach to the break of dawn!

This is why David cheated on his wife…Should have spent more attention in Hebrew class.

Eat at Chef Philip Ho‘s when in Sunny Isles, FL.

Thank you Sunbelt Rental’s for fixing Mike’s pedals…

….and letting us ride in your vintage 1928 Model A.

Here’s the skinny on the BEST BIKE SHOP EVER! We are told to visit Bicycle Spot on Commercial & Dixie for discounted shoes. Peyton Walters, the store’s owner and a man that has not once been seen without a smile, said he could ‘hook us up’. This is when God stepped in and taught us a lesson on patience. We sat for three hours while watching Peyton assist other customers even those that came in after us. I thought he said he was going to ‘hook us up’…more like ‘hang us up’. We were expected at church at 7:30 and 5:45 was rolling around. His assistant looked at our plastic pedals and tennis shoes, walked back to the work bench and opened a new box of steel pedals and bike shoes. Within minutes our bikes increased in performance capabilities. Peyton DONATED these to our ride. BLESSED us with new shoes and pedals. Ones that won’t break or cause us any problems. God bless Peyton and Bicycle Spot.

Nate found Krusty’s cousin in Boca crawling around in the parking lot.










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