What I (Nate, Caballo Blanco) Packed!!! Love you Mom and Dad

Does all this gear make my butt look Big

My Ride
Bike: 1999 Trek 7000 Dragonfly Green, gearing stock, Pastor Don Karpinen
Rear Rack: Bontrager Bike America
Rear Panniers: Ortlieb Classic Yellow Ebay
Seat Post Pannier: Topeak Stem and Bag Rei.com
Saddle: Schwinn Medium Softness, Walmart
Frame Bag: Bento Box, Mom
Aero Bars: Profile Design Horse Shoe design, Bike America
Gloves: Power Trip, craigslist.com
Handle Bar Grips: SRAM 2in, Tropic Bike Boca Raton
Water Bottles: 2 ice pack bottles

Morph Suits: 7 suits, morphsuits.com
Shoes: 3 pairs, Chuck Taylors Low Tops, Sandles, Luna Running Sandles, lunasandles.com
Bike Shorts: 2 pairs black and white
Shorts:  6 Loud Mouth Shorts, loudmouth.com plus 1 black pair, 1 bathing suit
Shirts: 4 shirts, 1 long sleeve flannel, 1 short sleeve button down, 2 t-shirts
Underwear: 3 pairs
Sock: 1 pair
Pancho: 1
Head band: 1 handmade green from Nepal
Bandana: 1 Tan
Toiletries Bag: normal things+ electric shaver

Bike Gear
Co2 Inflator: Quick shot, 16 cartridges
Tubes: 2, sunlite 26×1.90-2.35 presta
Bike Tools: 1 utility bike tool, 1 utility camp tool
Oil: Remington Rem Oil
Patch Kit: 1

Phone: iPhone 4
Camera: Gopro+tripod and iPhone 4, Sony cyber shot
Laptop: Acer Aspire TimelineX
Phone Batterie: 2 RichardSolo Juice Pacs
Card Reader: Kodak 50-1
Hard Drive: Lacie 500gigs
Emergency Help: Greatcall, 5star technology
Gps: iPhone 4, Garmin Forerunner 305
iPhone Case: Gameboy Softcase

Food and Related Items
2 Jars of honey peanut butter
2 cams of tuna w/olive oil
1/2 lb. of chia seed
1/4 lb flax seeds
1 can opener
1 spork and knife combo 3.88 Walmart
4 elations glucosamine water bottle Pacs
30 day vitamin supply, Nature Valley

100 ft of Paracord
2 Caribeaniers 200lb rating
2 Iron Man muscle rub
3 tubes Triple antibiotic
1 Bag Balm Canister
2 knifes plus 2 knifes that are in a utility tool

The Surge

Everything I packed.

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