Day 3 Key Largo to Coral Gables

When we awoke, no host was there to greet us. It wasn’t because it was too early nor because they slept on the first floor to give Nate and I privacy. Greg and Albi never returned!

Loose stones made up the drive ways which made it impossible to pedal and steer. We walked the bikes through adjacent drive ways to avoid the collected salt water. Mike, a local construction worker, took us over a river of salt water that flooded the roads outside Greg’s.

We took Card Sound Rd from Key Largo to the other end of the Earth. “He will make your paths straight”…he wasn’t kidding. 5 mile stretches of pin straight road. The only curve was that of the Earth’s surface. Not much to say about the ride besides the heat and the wind. Once we started heading due North we hit a strong head wind. Slowed us from 14 avg mph to 10 mph.

We ate on the roadside at Mile 8. Peanut butter, tuna, apple sauce, and a honey stinger waffle.

I saw a black snake. Whoopdie do.

The toll booth attendant told us to go to the left of the magnetic strip. He warned us with a $800 fine. After the booth was Alabama Jacks. A gentlemen donated $20. His daughter/mail order bride has ocean blue geisha eyes.

Hector served and was proud of what we’re doing. “the deepest scars are those you cant see”. He says he gets peace talking about “it”. “you cant undo what you did” Two crosses inked on his forearms. Now a DOT worker, the government can’t get him a better job. It’s sad to hear stories of soldiers having negative life changing effects from war. Very sad.

Mike, street vendor, donated two hotdogs each to Nate and I. Fully loaded. He’s new here. 3 months at the hotdog stand. Work is spare.

VFW 4127. Gale gave us Coke, Redbull, hugs, a/c, WiFi, juice, a meatball hero, anything we needed. Her demeanor was refreshing. She spoke like a teenager but was well versed in American history, particularly naval battles. Her black husband, which she married in the 70’s, came in to fix some leaks and clogs before the rush of bingo night occurred. She is a techy, a real nerd at heart. So giving. Drives an SRT-8 like a boss but can’t find a road long enough to open it up at.

“It’s a safe place where soldiers can share their stories the civilians can’t understand. No judgement here. How can you explain why you HAD to kill a baby?”

Randy and his coworkers donated $24. His two sons are serving in Texas and Hawaii.
We prayed for him and took a photo from the other side of the fence.

The Big Cheese. First paid meal. Delicious garlic rolls, caesar salad, pep/mush pizza. On the way back we bartered the remains of the garlic rolls for three mangos with Karen. Over 100 mango trees make up her grove. Turns out, mangos are everywhere and we could have got them at no cost. I’m glad we traded.

Lance has a beautiful backyard. Hundreds of orchards. Many statues. Backs the canal. A very sweet gentle man. Very loving towards his son and understanding. Spoke about cars and television, kept it light.

Only one company has a patent on Botox.

My room is decorated like a jungle. Prints on each furniture piece. Lance is an experienced art collector.

I’m laying in Jordan’s spongebob bed recapping the day with Nate.

6 thoughts on “Day 3 Key Largo to Coral Gables

  1. It was a pleasure meeting you both Wednesday morning as you rode North on 905.
    Glad you made it to Coral Gables. Ride safely

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