Day 2 Marathon to Key Largo

Woke up to my alarm behind a chipped door in an unfamiliar room. Two bunk beds. I’m at Independence Cay. On the bottom bunk, above me is cardboard cushioning under the mattress for Guy. I see Nate up top and Jack beneath him. Guy must still be asleep on the top bunk. Go to the restroom annnnd DANGER DANGER, he’s changing in the bathroom. I excuse myself and rub my eyes. Let’s start of the day with Isaiah 49.

Man cannot live on bread alone. The Villa Blanca Cafe gave us buttered pressed Cuban bread and coffe con leche. The women behind the counter came over to chat. She is the only employee who speaks English. She smiles. We alto cinco over her humility and service to the cafe pro bono.


Our first purchase was $7.20. Seconds before, Lyle donated $10. I mean Lyle donated $3.80. What a weird amount. Nate wanted a hat. What a tourist. Don’t pack one, buy one. He wouldn’t be needing it if he brought his helmet. I forgot my Starbucks gift card so were in the same boat.

Shawn and his daughter, from North Carolina, Shawn swam around the entire island of Key West for the 6th time! Also, a fellow believer 🙂


Some cuban dude gave us fried fish sandwiches. Not on the side of the road. In a restaurant silly! It was at Habanos. The service girl swept debris off the stairs and screamed as a crab scampered by.


Took a photo in front of a buoy that caught my eye. “QUAy”. They call it that because it is an abnormal portmanteau of bay and wharf. Way, weigh, whey, way too many spellings. So they changed the first letter to Q and kept the suffix (of course a U had to follow the Q). Glad they didn’t go with bharf.


Shaun took our photo. He provided his email and address in case we need a place to crash near Daytona. Mentioned showing us around the Boston Whaler factory! Hopefully his hosting offer isn’t hollow and the factory tour will hold water. Haha buoyancy puns.

Midway Cafe. 80 miles to Miami 80 miles to Key West. The owner’s mother gave Nate and I a slice of Key lime pie from a 50 year old recipe. Tasted like bliss. Might have been the four hours of sun but I can say that pie was as refreshing as a good night sleep.

I was cruising a half mph slower than Nate, he slowed down every 200 ft. I’d pedal harder and break wind as long as I could. Checking over my shoulder made me feel unbalanced. I feel great now.

“things are better and more grand when shared with friends” -Adolf Hitler. This is a joke of course, it is from Winnie the Pooh. Inside the cafe were countless sayings on the wall and all for sale. We would read one like, “love much, laugh often, live long” -Roadkill.

They ran out of dolphins at the research center. One would appear if we gave them $20. We didn’t want to pay to see the trick. Flipper’s real name is Misty and was a girl! Misty is a boss in Cerulean City! Pokemon reference.

I had the first flat. Rear. Pulled over to fix my pannier issue and ‘thunk’. Felt like Nate rammed me from behind. Tony from Ace Hardware fixed my pannier rack mount bolt band screw dilemma. It kept touching the spokes like a baseball card but much more noisy. Mike’s bike has more problems than a math book.

Fed tarpon at Robbie’s. I gave a spiel to those eating but didn’t get any donations. Hmph. The bar was decorated with signed and graffitied $1 bills. Maybe a thousand took up the ceiling and a few hundred papered the walls.





Ballyhoo!!! BBQ beef sandwich is out of this world. I instinctively swallowed typing that sentence. My salivary glands tingle. 1/2 chicken. Sweet tea. Sweet potato fries. Mashed potatoes for the first time tonight. They keep the restaurant spotless.

So-She is stuck in Guatemala and cant host us. There was a miscommunication over what day we were arriving. Tried to get our foot in the door downstairs but no dice.

The orange and black carrots reminded me of Halloween. A trick wrapped up in a treat. Who would want carrots over candy anyways. I digress. What I mean to say is, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. I’m grateful for the second comped dinner tonight but, but nothing. Thank you VFW for the Bud light and meatloaf. I can’t stand meatloaf.

“Well let me guess. You’re from Mars and you’re from..” Greg couldn’t think of another planet. Albi picked up the fumble, “Bananaland!” We wrote down their address, which they provided incorrectly, on our place mats. Albi’s Tri-pierced nose & eyebrow and horde of bracelets coupled with her thick el salvadorian accent reminds me of a dark skinned gypsy that travels with a crystal ball. She called me the “lover” of the two.


Recently got off the phone with Matt Buff, a radio talk show host. 34 minutes.

Lying in a guest bed at Greg’s beach side tropical two-story. Never slept in a house on stilts before. He and Albi smoked some Latin tobacco and went out. God bless em. They trust us. The shower was….ugh wow.


3 thoughts on “Day 2 Marathon to Key Largo

  1. To Nate ( my handsome son) and Mike (he’s handsome too!)
    Have a fun ride today. Your going to make a lot of people smile! Be safe!
    Love, Mom

  2. You Men are looking good having a great ride today! Hope you got the front racked fixed on Mike’s bike. Have a good nights rest, for a early start tomorrow. The Video was great! … Laurie Thomas (Nate’s Mom)

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