What did you pack?

How often will you eat? What if your hosts are cereal killers?

GoPro + Mounts (2)


Water Bottles (2) provided by Muscle Maker Grill

Front & Rear Panniers

Thanks Wheels of Wellington for your support and supplies.

48mm (6) Inner Tubes. Hope I won’t need any of them.

700X32 (2) Tires. These are beastly with RiBMo protection!

Air Chuck with extra CO2 cartridge.

Unopened box of GU Energy Gel & Honey Stinger. 

1 Bike Lock. Can’t lose the key.

First Aid Kit

Square Up App for en route donations. Sweet.

Thank you Looking Sharp for donating Sunglasses (2).

Biking Billboard Suits (3 White, 2 Green, 1 Orange, 1 Yellow)

Two bike shorts. White for light color biking suit, black for dark ones.

6 LoudMouth Shorts. To be worn when not on the bike. Awesome sponsor!

2 Shirts. 3 Undees. 1 Headband.

Baby wipes (80 count. We’re serious about hygiene.)

Toiletries (Tooth brush + Tooth paste, shampoo/conditioner/body wash)

Travel spork + knife.

Can opener.

Bunch of brochures

$10 (6) Publix Gift Cards

$10 (3) Darden Restaurant Cards

Adventure Cycling Association Maps…To get us to Niagara!

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